Meet the Staff

Toshiaki Hamada, Owner


Toshiaki Hamada



Tosh first decided to work in the pearl business after a trip to Ehime prefecture in Japan in the spring of 1991. Ehime prefecture is an area known for its remarkable pearl cultivations. He was impressed by the workmanship in cultivating the pearls and their natural beauty. With the idea of spreading the sale of these beautiful pearls internationally, Tosh came to San Diego to start his own business.

Tosh has now worked in the pearl business for 23 years. He is passionate about jewelry and really cares for his customer’s satisfaction and happiness. He doesn’t see jewelry as just a commodity, but something intrinsic that appeals to people’s emotions.

In his spare time, Tosh enjoys playing golf, connecting with friends and family, and eating good food. Some of his favorites are yakitori and donuts! Tosh also helps out with the "See What I Sea" project, which is a non-profit to help a blind sailor sail across the Pacific Ocean. Hiro, the blind sailor, is motivated to inspire young people in Japan that although he has a disability, he is able to overcome obstacles, and so can they.




Tina Preite, Store Manager


Tina Preite Japanese Village


Tina Preite has been in the pearl business over 40 years. She first started working with pearls at Sea World in the old Japanese Village (picture above). At the Japanese Village, there were "amasans" or Japanese ladies who would go diving for the oysters when people would purchase a pearl.

After working at the Japanese Village, Tina worked in a store in Mission Valley before she came to Ehime Pearl. She has been working at Ehime Pearl from the beginning since 1992 with Tosh. Tina enjoys working with pearls and educating people about them. She loves helping people find the perfect jewelry for themselves or loved ones.

Tina is originally from Hawaii, but has lived in San Diego for 45 years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and LOVES animals!