Free Appraisal Event 高価顔取イベント開催 〜Torrance & Costa Mesa 〜 August 2022
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Torrance、そしてCosta Mesa にて、恒例の無料査定&高価買取イベントを開催いたします!
日程はTorranceが8月12日(金),13日(土),14日(日)の3日間, Costa Mesa が8月17日(水)のみの開催になります。

お問い合わせ・ご予約は619-261-0789 濱田まで。

Free Appraisal Event in Torrance & Costa Mesa by ehime pearl & diamond!
Event Dates for Torrance: August 12th (Fri), 13th (Sat), and 14th (Sun) from 10AM to 6PM. (till 4pm on 8/14)
Event Date for Costa Mesa: August 17th (Wed) 10AM to 6PM.

Please call Toshi @619-261-0789 to make appointment.
*The event will be held following the safety measures including socially distanced appointments, sanitization procedures, and face covering requirement.